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Golden Stairs

No people

Summer of 2015. Lot’s of rain, cold and stormy weather. No one wants to sit at this lonely bench…

Bevrijdingsfestival Overijssel 2013

Every year at May 5th people of the Netherlands celebrate freedom. In different cities musicfestivals are held. This one is in Zwolle, Overijssel, Netherlands See all the pictures at my Flickr-page

Did you ever ride the subway with Master Yoda?

Riding the subway in the morning, fighting your ‘happy’ morningmood. Who doesn’t do it every morning? Well, this guy is making the most out of it. Happy when waking up, he grabs his gear and the morningpaper and heads out to the subway. We don’t know who it is, but he makes really funny pics.
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The other day I went to Copenhagen. Amongst a busy schedule of visiting friends and seeing the sites, I had a day off to do some serious streetphotography. And it payed off… Being out of the touristseason, the city belongs to the Danish again. Ofcourse there is an occasional tourist to be shot, but mostly
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Picked up by Fluidr

When checking my stats on Flickr, I was surprised by a sudden peak in visits. What happend? Did I win Worldpress or something? No, most certainly not. But what did happen? A little research and some reading through the comments I discovered one of my pics was picked up by Fluidr.com. The service that scavages
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Walking for water

Students in grades 7 and 8 of primary school in The Netherlands experience what their peers in developing countries must do to get drinking water: average 6 km walk with 6 liters of water. At the end, they drop the water in a tank, to see how much it is. Big fun, and a lot
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We often make fun of them, the Japanese. They travel around the world, do Europe in 10 days and take photo’s from everything, everyone and everywhere. Is it a cliché or the truth…

What is streetphotography?

As a starting streetphotographer I wandered around the internet in search of a definition for streetphotography. In vain, because I quickly found out there is no comprehensive definition. Definition streetphotography? Should it be in black and white, like many streetphotographers do, or can you shoot in color? Do you shoot people or don’t you? What
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Funny pics

Did he even notice? The other day one of my appointments was cancelled and I took the opportunity to take a walk through the city of Harderwijk. During my walk I reached the shores of a lake, it’s called Wolderwijd or Veluwemeer. In the lake is a monument for fallen allied airmen from WW II.
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(c) by Erwin Winkelman Photography Up