Interesting night out

Photojournalists, photostaff of newspapers, photographers, streetphotographers, they all prowl the streets. For the common public this is often a stranger site. So the staf of the newspaper The National’s thought of a nice experiment. Eleven readers were chosen to join The National’s photostaff for an evening of street photography as part of the launch of
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Picked up by Fluidr

When checking my stats on Flickr, I was surprised by a sudden peak in visits. What happend? Did I win Worldpress or something? No, most certainly not. But what did happen? A little research and some reading through the comments I discovered one of my pics was picked up by The service that scavages
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Quotes to work with

“Most of my photos are grounded in people, I look for the unguarded moment, the essential soul peeking out, experience etched on a persons face.”

Steve McCurry

Walking for water

Students in grades 7 and 8 of primary school in The Netherlands experience what their peers in developing countries must do to get drinking water: average 6 km walk with 6 liters of water. At the end, they drop the water in a tank, to see how much it is. Big fun, and a lot
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Joel Meyerowitz on Streetphotography

Quote to work with

Street photography is a renewable resource. If you dont like what you see wait 5 minutes or walk a hundred feet.

Craig Coverdale

Dutchman wins International Street Photography Award 2013

Dutchman Peter de Krom is the winner of the 2013 International Street Photography Award. De Krom’s photos were chosen from a field of 750 entries from 70 countries in the world. De Krom made a short series of photos from his hometown Hoek van holland, showing it’s every day business. “It’s nice a small town
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What and what not?

About behaviour and what is allowed Streetphotographers all know it. We all come across the moment someone is asking you what you do and what you are doing with the pictures. Most of the time people are satisfied when you explain to them what you do and where the pictures are for. you have nothing
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Quotes to work with

"Shoot a lot of pictures. Experiment. Don’t go out with preconceptions of what a picture will look like. That will block you from being receptive to something new and exciting."

Mason Resnick



We often make fun of them, the Japanese. They travel around the world, do Europe in 10 days and take photo’s from everything, everyone and everywhere. Is it a cliché or the truth…

Finding Vivian Maier

Know your past, and you know who you are. Sometimes the past is hidden, but some lucky souls accidently uncover the past. Hoe lucky is this guy, he finds unknown work of Vivan Maier and decides to turn it into a documentary. How lucky are we that we can go watch this film…  

What is streetphotography?

As a starting streetphotographer I wandered around the internet in search of a definition for streetphotography. In vain, because I quickly found out there is no comprehensive definition. Definition streetphotography? Should it be in black and white, like many streetphotographers do, or can you shoot in color? Do you shoot people or don’t you? What
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The best of 2012

Discovering streetphotography The year 2012 is over, we’re all stil alive and kicking. Time to reflect at 2012. It was a great year, a special year, a crisis year, a dry year, a wet year, a year in which I took a lot of pictures (what else is new) and discovered a new way of photography for
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101 Inspirational Street Photography Quotes — Eric Kim Street Photography

  By Charlie Atkinson So for this weeks post I thought I would share my favorite quotes from some of my favorite photographers as well as a few others that can be applied to photography as well! They are also not in any particular order, this post is by me as well (not Eric!) as I think
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A lot is said about photography. Tutorials, techniques, guidelines. That is also true for streetphotography. When I started looking for books, I found that a lot of books are going back in time. To Henry Cartier-Bresson, the godfather of streetphotography. Little did I find about modern streetphotographers, untill I stumbled across this  gentleman from Switzerland.
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