» Tips from one of the masters, John Free

Tips from one of the masters, John Free

John Free is a social documentary/street photographer who lives in Los Angeles. His photographic essays range from railroad tramps in California to automobile abstracts to London and Paris street life.
His work has been featured in numerous publications from U.S. News and World Report and Newsweek to Photographic Magazine to Smithsonian and he loves to teach. So, this master of street photographytakes you with him on his journeys through the streets of Los Angels.
In this video he gives valuable tips for street photography, and you get to see him at work. It’s a pleasure to watch how easy he connects and shoots. He loves to educate other photographers.

“It gives me great pleasure to notice that most photographers are capable of a much higher potential in their photography if they learn a dedicated and practiced approach, therefore having a better understanding of what is required of them in order to produce effective photographs that will emotionally affect or move someone for having seen them”, he says on his website .And he knows what he is taling about. “Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with over 2500 photographers on a one-on-one basis. I have looked at their prints and watched them at work photographing situations in the street. Working with so many photographers has given me an excellent vantage point to see the many problems most photographers have to contend with. It is my hope that photographers who wish to improve will join me on the quest to realize excellence in our photographs that, because of their inherent strength will provide a more compassionate understanding of life to all who view them, regardless of their knowledge, language or spiritual beliefs. It is a way for photographers to be powerful in their lives by producing visual documents of immense value to humanity. Photography is a one world language it bridges the gap between language and cultures, explaining man to man and each man to himself.”

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